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Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY with an old bike

Part #2 of "things to collect from bulk verge collections": a rusty old bike!

 A  "chandelier" or mobile ceiling hanging

 The ultimate tealight candle holder (a use for old spoons too...)

 Candle hanging

Retro mobile

 Anything can be used as a planter - just add pots!

 Bike table

Wall art / photo holder

Garden wall art / planter

A wheel fence

Make a clock...

And finally, some more light ideas - this is achievable for me because of the use of fairy lights!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Refurbished Vintage Drawers DIY Ideas

Part #1 of my inspiration book re "things to collect from bulk verge collections": Old Drawers to refurbish!

The ultimate in wall art (Source)

 Cute planter ideas (Source)

 Making use of colours (Source)

 Succulent garden dresser (Source)

Gorgeous wall shelf (Source)

This could be a cat climber (I saw this suggestion online!) or a great side table (Source)

I have tried to credit original sources, but sometimes this is very hard to find due to the likes of Pinterest etc!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Boxing Day Sales FAIL...

Next year, I'm not going to go shopping until the new years sales. I bought a few things at the 2013 boxing day sales, but EVERYTHING was in stock, and further reduced in the new year! So super frustrating.

(1) Portmans dress, paid $50 from $99. Further 30% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $35!

(2) Jeanswest capris, paid $30 from $50. Further 40% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $18!

(3) Victoria station - I bought various wallets at reduced prices on boxing day. From Dec 27, they had the same reductions AND you got 50% off the second sale item purchased.

I could not deal with the above, so I rebought everything at the discount prices and now need to return the stuff I paid a higher price for.

I know, I'm a spoilt bargain hunter and I just need to let go!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dorothy Perkins Order

3 sparkly blouses and a floral dress are coming my way! The total (with 2 plain black singlets added in for good measure) came to approx AU$95 delivered. Not bad for 4 items (+2 basics).

I returned EVERYTHING from my last Asos order (so dissapointing!) and resold the dress I bought from Boohoo on eBay (luckily made no loss!) so fingers crossed that this works out better!

If I had unlimited money and storage space, I would also buy:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Op Shopping and Garage Sales

Here are the recent buys. I have been to a few garage sales lately and have also stopped into op shops when I have time. I got a little carried away at one of the garage sales (some of the shoes in particular I might not wear...) but hopefully I can resell them for no loss if I so choose.

I absolutely love this vintage hand blown glass vase ($10):

It's pictured next to my milk glass platter which is currently holding a collection of marble and pottery birds (some of which have been chipped by Jack the cat...)

Antique glass (Garage sale in Bayswater)

 This cute little guy was $1, I couldn't resist (Garage sale in Subiaco)

 Bambi / deer wall hanging plate, $4 (Garage sale in Bayswater).

 Shoes!!! $2.50 at Good Sammy's 50% off sale - grey leather heels by Charles and Keith and another synthetic pair which is brand new and perfect for the office.

 Review skirt, a steal at $2!!! Unfortunately it's a size 12 which means it's a little big for me, but I think I can get away with wearing it slightly lower waisted ;) (Good Sammy's)

 Miss Shop skirt, $2 (Good Sammy's)

 Ermis by George Ermis tunic dress with chain detail on sleeves, $15 from Good Sammy's (brand new with tags)

 Brown leather boots from the garage sale, $5 (Garage Sale in Bayswater)

 Cue skirt, $20 (Garage Sale in Bayswater)

 Necklaces for $2 each (Good Sammy's)

Fluro havaianas ($3), Clarks chunky leather heels ($8) and purple and yellow leather heels ($5) - (all Garage Sale in Bayswater)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

If I won lotto....

... this is my fashion wishlist!

1) Alex Evenings Twist Front Matte Jersey & Lace Sheath Dress - $140
2) MARY KATRANTZOU Harbour Bridges Printed Dress in Multi - $2670
3) Erdem Lelani printed silk dress - $2465
4) ALICE by Temperley Pepita printed silk dress - $800
5) Alexander Wang Marion Gold Top Handle Bag - $1240
6) MARY KATRANTZOU 'Seagauge' printed skirt - $1455
7) Women's Betty Medium Chain Bag, Beige/Black - Saint Laurent - $2065
8) Jimmy Choo Candy Nude Acrylic Clutch Bag - $795

Highest on the 'must have' list are (2), (4) and (6)!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Jack!

 He is super affectionate and has not so much as taken out his claws despite me continuously brushing him and removing almost half of his coat (the pre-summer malt!) and being terrified in his new environment.

He has been with me for a week now, and I have followed all of the guidelines for bringing a new cat home:

(1) I bought a cat carrier for transporting him home and put a soft blanket in it. They recommend that you take a blanket from their old home which will help them to feel more comfortable to put inside, but Jack's previous owners didn't have one. Jack was pretty scared on the ride home, he even peed in his carrier :(

(2) When we arrived home, I closed Jack in the laundry with his cat carrier, food, water and litter tray. I put out the same food and kitty litter that he is used to which is recommended to minimise the already huge number of changes.

(3) I left him alone for an hour or so and then visited Jack regularily in his laundry cave, and gave him plenty of attention. He ate a little bit of his food and used the litter tray on that first night, which made me feel better.

(4) On the evening of day 2, I gave Jack a really good brush and he loved that. I continued showering plenty of attention on him but always in his laundry area.

(5) By day 4, I decided to see if Jack wanted to come out so I left the laundry door open when I got home in the evening. He wouldn't come out despite being coaxed, but stood at the door looking out.

(6) On the evening of day 5, Jack was still too timid to leave the laundry. I picked him up and sat on the sofa with him, where he promptly fell asleep on my lap and enjoyed lots of stroking. After that he ran straight back into the laundry, but it was the start of him becoming more confident.

(7) Days 6 and 7 were the weekend, so I was home most of the day and left the laundry door open. By the evening of day 7, Jack was exploring the house and had come and laid on my bed etc. He was confident around me but remained terrified of my housemate.

(8) On days 8 and 9, Jack would come out of the laundry and explore the house every morning before I left for work and every evening until it was bedtime. I tried leaving him out at night (he still had access to his laundry if he wanted) but he came in to my bedroom and meowed for attention at 1am, at which point he was promptly relegated back to the laundry (LOL)...

(9) On the evening of day 9, I put a collar on Jack. He is not used to wearing one and he was VERY UPSET with me!! I took the bell off so that the sound wouldn't scare him, but the next morning the collar had been torn and chewed, so he had obviously been working on it throughout the night. Lucky I have started getting him used to a collar well before it's time to let him venture outside!

(10) It has now been almost three weeks since Jack arrived, and I think it's time to start letting him outside. He is very confident now and seems to want to explore. We have had some minor issues - him breaking some ornaments and my antique lamp, oh and there is the meowing at night... but overall things are going well and he's super cuddly :-)

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