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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The World's 20 Most Unusual Hotels

This is my list of the world's 20 most unsual hotels. Some of them I'd love to stay in - others, not so much. There is one that I passed up an opportunity to stay in (the jet hostel, Stockholm), and one that I have stayed in myself (salt hotel, Bolivia). Number 21 would probably be the ice hotels of the world, but we've all heard of those (or at least an ice bar...)

1. Magic Mountain Side Hotel, Chile 
 This 4 star hotel looks like a mountain. It comes complete with waterfalls cascading down it, and a wooden bridge swinging above the rainforest. It is located in the middle of a nature reserve, and would make an excellent base for exploring. I would love to stay here!

2. Propellor Island, Berlin
Propeller island is a pseudonym used by the german artist lars stroschen to publish his audio-visual creations. This unusual hotel has 30 rooms, each with its own unique modern art design. There is a room with a levitating bed, and another where you can sleep in coffins. In the Lion Room, you can sleep in a cage. I'd love to stay here, although I'd give the coffin room a miss.

3. dasparkhotel, Linz (Austria)
Apparently, sleeping inside a concrete drainpipe is enough of a novelty to entice some people. As cutely furnished as these might be, I don't think they'd be my thing. A little claustrophic, maybe.

4. Capsule Hotel, Den Haag (Netherlands)
At this quirky hotel you sleep in a survival pod floating in the canals. These orange pod things were originally built in 1972. While not everyone’s luxury choice, each pod provides claustrophobic cosy protection from the elements.

5. Hang Nga Hotel, Da Lat (Vietnam)
Known also at "The Crazy House", this whimsical hotel also has individually decorated rooms. They are a little on the "simple" side though - with basic foam mattresses. This is also open to the public as an art gallery, so there'd be very little privacy for guests.

6. Capsule Hotels - popular in Japan, and at some airports
I could not think of anything worse than sleeping in a box at an inner city capsule hotel, especially after reading that a lot of homeless Japanese rent these instead of sleeping on the streets. They are also often used by people who are too drunk to get home at night. At an airport, this is a good idea for a cheap kip and beats lying on the stained carpet in the transit hall, no matter how claustrophobic it might be!

7. Gamisaru Cave Hotel, Turkey
Located in a remote Turkish village, this 25 room hotel is made up of ancient troglodyte cave houses. All rooms are uniquely decorated, many with traditional fireplaces. Some of the rooms were monk cells in a thousand year old Byzantine monastic retreat. As well as being unique and amazing, this place is high class and comfortable too - I'd love to stay!

8. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm (Sweden)
Ever wanted to stay in an airoplane for longer than a long haul flight? I don't find this particularily appealing, but there is somewhere in Sweden where you can do just that. They have fitted out a 747-200 which was built in 1976 to make a budget hostel. Most rooms are dorm style with 3 beds.
9. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
At this resort, you litterly sleep in a little submarine under the sea, in the middle of a Fijian reef. This place is super expensive, and I don't think I'd choose to stay 40 feet below sea level, but you would have a fantastic view of marine life. I'd rather stay here than scuba dive actually, water is not my thing!
10. Hotel Fox, Copenhagen
Apart from the fact that I'd LOVE to visit Copenhagen again, this hotel looks fantastic. It is another arty one with uniquely decorated rooms. Most mindblowing is the fact that it was built by Volkswagon (the car company) and is essentially a marketing tool as well as accomodation. Here are some of the rooms:

11. Woodlyn Park, New Zealand
At this place you can stay in a refurbished Waitomo Express rail car, a 1950's Bristol Freighter jet or a "Hobbit hole" in the side of a hill (touted as the world's first Hobbit accomodation). There is also the Waitanic Ship Motel, a WWII Patrol Boat built in 1942 turned motel.

12. Ateliersulmare Art Hotel, Italy
Each room at this luxury hotel is uniquely decorated with sometimes disturbing modern art. This one is particularily strange:

13. ArkaBarka Floating Hostel, Serbia
How cute does this place look?! I'd love to stay here, and it's super cheap too. Anyone up for a trip to Serbia?

14. Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands
This place is also pretty cute - you sleep in a refurbished vine vat. It's all in the spirit of recycling, right?!
15. Salt Hotel, Bolivia
I stayed in one of these amazing hotels in the Uyuni Salt Plains of Bolivia!!! They are made entirely of salt, and so is all furniture, including the beds, tables and chairs.  The beds were very comfy because they use a normal mattress.  There are all ranges of these hotels - from the budget basic (where I stayed, during my South American backpacking) and the luxurious 5 star.
16. Harlingen, Netherlands
Stay in a lighthouse,  a life boat or in the machine room of a crane dangling over the harbour.  These experiences are all offered by a company in the town of Harlingen.  The Harlingen Harbour Crane is equipped with two lifts, a swing motor, high-grade insulated glass, sophisticated heating, cooling and ventilation systems, comprehensive audio-visual electronics, unconventional sanitary facilities, a two-person bed with panoramic view through the rear wall and ceiling window, monumental armchairs, minibar, breakfast facilities and a large roof patio.
17. Dog Bark Inn, Idaho (USA)
At this hotel, you sleep in a giant wooden dog. Their motto is “Where sleeping in the dog house is a good thing.”
18. Suan Peung Resort, Thailand
At this Thai hotel which is 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok, you can live inside Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty or Dino, and dine in the BamBam restaurant. Also a tourist attraction, your villa will be photographed by many camera toting Thais by day.

19. Flush Hotel, South Korea
If you fancy staying in a giant toilet, it will set you back no less than 50k a night. The owner of this $1.6 million dollar crap trap apparently built it to raise awareness of clean sanitation around the world. Seems like a pretty crappy marketing ploy to me...

20. Balancing Barn, Suffolk (England)
This architectual wonder houses 8 guests very comfortably. It stands at the edge of a nature reserve and boasts panoramic views. Yes please!


  1. LOVE this post! Who wants to stay in a boring old-fashioned hotel? Not me!!


  2. wow... some things to add to my bucket list. I also won't mind trying out the underwater one... expensive though... have you read about it?

  3. these are all so neat! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from LOVE if you'd like to check it out. :)

  4. I adore this post! I completely agree with you about the drainpipe hotel, the Japanese capsule hotel and Id even be a bit funny about the capsules under the sea. I mean what happens if you get a leak? lol. And room service would be a nightmare!
    The Beagle hotel, I saw that on tv and would LOVE to stay in it! I love the one in the netherlands too! Very cool.

    Great post!



  5. Love this funny post! some hotels to add to my bucket list will be number 20 and 11.

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