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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shopping Ban Broken for a Fake Real Bag

Today is the 22nd of February. My shopping ban lasted 21 days, and today I broke it.

I justified this on the basis that I have gone on a de-cluttering spree and have collected bags of clothes to sell or donate. I have also had some luck on eBay, selling the following:
I suppose there is no real justification, but I wanted this bag and it was selling for a good price. A price I could justify paying (only just), because it is a fake real bag.

Real because it's real Pink Corporation....

Fake because Pink Corporation copied the Chloe Elsie bag a little too much for my liking.

Exhibit A, The Pink Corporation Bag:

Exhibit B, Chloe Elsie Shoulderbag in Grey:

Crossed with the Chloe Elsie Perforated East West Flap-Over Tote:

I am not impressed with Pink Corporation's originality, but I do love the Chloe bag and since I'll never be able to afford it myself... the Pink Corp one seems to be a good real fake alternative.

Am I betraying the fashion gods? Or do you think it's justifiable to buy a real fake?


  1. I'm asking myself the same thing because I adore Chloé bags and I can't afford them now. My dream bag is the Elsie chain bag in red http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qOCDhW7JL1Y/Tcf6shVhFnI/AAAAAAAAOZQ/C_F45p0rUpk/s1600/Screen%2Bshot%2B2011-05-09%2Bat%2B10.07.12%2BAM.png
    And I found a "copy" of this one, without any logo etc. I fell like I'll betray my beloved Chloé lol :)

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